Frequently Asked Questions about Learning at Home with Leavenworth Virtual School

The Leavenworth Virtual School is a fully accredited program within the Leavenworth Unified School District 453. The school, entering its 14th year, operates as a support for home-based education by providing quality curriculum and certified support staff to work in partnership with parents who choose to act as their child’s primary teachers.

What materials does the Leavenworth Virtual School provide?

Students (K-8th grade) will be using Edmentum’s Calvert Learning Curriculum. Students and parents will receive online access to step-by-step lessons along with all grade-level textbooks, workbooks, readers and novels that are necessary to complete the curriculum. Supplemental resources, such as Saxon Math, can be substituted with facilitator approval.

Can I still home school?

Although the Leavenworth Virtual School program is funded by the State, you are still schooling your children at home. Parent involvement in this program is fundamental. As the child’s first teacher, parents are encouraged to individualize instruction and teach children at their own pace to accommodate their learning needs.

How much does it cost?

The Leavenworth Virtual School is tuition-free. Our program is funded by the state for Kansas-based residents.

Do I need a computer and an internet connection for my child to enroll?

Yes, a portion of the curriculum requires online activity. It will be up to each family to provide the online connectivity for the children who are enrolled. Google Chromebooks are available on a first-come, first-served basis with a $100 deposit.

Will my child have an assigned teacher with whom to talk?

Yes! Each family is assigned a facilitator. Children and parents will be able to call or e-mail the facilitator on a regular basis. Facilitators can make home visits to assist in learning and help monitor progress. The role of a facilitator is to assist in many areas in which a student may need enrichment materials or remedial help. We work to support and assist the educational goals of each family accordingly.

Advantages of the Leavenworth Virtual School

Certified Teachers as Facilitators, Monthly Field Trips, Fun Friday Events, Science and Art Labs, Tutoring Services Available, and Parent Resources just to name a few!

Sample Field Trips:
Deanna Rose Farmstead
American Royal Rodeo
Union Station
Snow Creek
Nelson-Atkins Museum
Coterie Theater

**Non-Virtual School families are welcome to attend these events, but must pay their own admission.**

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