8th Grade

Eighth Grade

Reinforcing Skills; Preparing for High School

Can you imagine how the American Revolution would have unfolded if Samuel Adams had access to social media? How many people would have shown up for the Boston Tea Party? Applying a 21st Century perspective and tools to the past, our program challenges your 8th Grader to consider the implications of communications technology and the persuasive power of speech. Using Edmentum’s Calvert Learning curriculum to solidify the skills needed to excel in high school, your student will:
  • Sharpen historical thinking, analysis, and research skills while studying America’s history—from pre-history through westward expansion.
  • Develop more nuanced writing and literary analysis skills by examining the impact of tone and structure.
  • Reinforce math skills and concepts learned to-date while advancing to the study of functions; bi-variate data; and transformations, congruence, and similarity.
  • Deepen his/her understanding of the properties of sound, light, matter, and energy through virtual labs and digital simulations.
Print Materials for Eighth Grade Students

Get Everything You Need to Guide Your 8th Grader’s Learning at Home

Our comprehensive program includes everything you need to successfully educate your child at home:
  • Step-by-step lesson plans and manuals to guide you.
  • Engaging, colorful texts, digital resources, and manipulatives from top education publishers.
  • An online learning platform provides 24/7 access to lessons, texts, interactive activities, assessments, progress tracking tools, and more.
  • Free support from state-certified teachers who help with curriculum questions, alternative teaching approaches, and keeping students on-track.

Discover What Your Child Will Learn In 8th Grade

English Language Arts

Students increase ownership of their reading growth by forming opinions through research and tackling social issues. Students research rites of passage in cultures throughout the world and compose an article in which they use journalism techniques to illuminate various rites. After reading Elie Wiesel’s Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning book, Night, students will research a current global issue and write a speech modeled after Wiesel’s Nobel acceptance speech, calling the audience to action.


Students draw on problem-solving skills and prior knowledge to develop a deep understanding of algebraic equations through data analysis and statistical applications and through an exploration of functions including graphing linear equations. Students will also learn about exponential and scientific notation, the Pythagorean Theorem, and how to apply geometric transformations. Learners are challenged to use equations to compare fitness center membership options.


Grade 8 students use prerequisite knowledge of Physical Science to deepen their understanding of topics such as the properties of matter, chemical bonding and reactions, motion, forces, energy, and the properties of sound and light waves. Virtual labs and digital simulations create an engaging experience for Middle School learners.

Social Studies

How can today’s students relate to events of the past? Grade 8 students study U.S. History from the first Americans through the American Revolution, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Then they develop a social media campaign to convince colonists to either declare independence or stay loyal to England.


Middle school students can choose from a selection of Edmentum’s Middle School Electives.

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