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Welcome to the Leavenworth Virtual School! This Internet-based school is an online, virtual program offering FREE accredited educational opportunities to students from grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

As the nation and local communities recover from the initial and ongoing impacts of COVID-19, many families have a newfound appreciation for the benefits of a flexible, home-based educational model.  The Leavenworth Virtual School has provided free educational services to Kansas residents since 2008. 

Leavenworth Virtual School (LVS) is a state-accredited virtual school, partnering with Edmentum and Calvert Learning, to provide students with a dynamic at-home learning experience. Edmentum has provided online learning services since 1997 and is partnered with over 700 schools and districts nationally.  The Calvert Learning curriculum has provided distance learning to schools and homeschool families for over 100 years. 

Different from most virtual schools, we also host a number of in-person activities such as field trips to regional points of interest, Fun Fridays, and even free piano lessons!  Many home-schooled students benefit from the social-emotional connections made possible through meeting and interacting with others throughout the school year. This is also an opportunity to meet and schedule one-on-one time with your virtual facilitator at our Leavenworth location. 

What to Expect from LVS:

Leavenworth Virtual School's partnership with Edmentum and Calvert allows them to provide students with a truly personalized learning experience along with trusted curriculum, instruction, and support.  Families enrolled in the program will be able to: 

• Work closely with supportive, certified teaching staff who are committed to student success and building strong relationships.
• Communicate regularly via video conferencing, phone, and email; facilitators are assigned to your student for the school year to offer live lessons and virtual office hours for real-time instructional support and guidance on an as-needed basis. 
• Access courses 24/7, from any internet-connected device; many courses are specifically designed for mobile device, and smart tablet, optimization.
• Participate in engaging activities designed to meet the needs of all learners, including videos, audio content, and problem-based interactive lessons.
• Access pacing and progress-monitoring tools to help stay on track.
• Continue to be part of the Leavenworth Unified School District with access to the same resources, supports, and opportunities available to all students. 

To complete an application:

Our enrollment is open through Sept. 1st each year. Call the Leavenworth Virtual School at (913) 684-1540 with any questions.

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